S.01 Ep.10: The Investigation

Finally! There is some investigation being done in this case. Long after the disappearance, after the confessions, after a long preliminary hearing, there is finally an investigation being done. But not by the police.

Tune in to learn who is doing the investigation and where it leads.

1 thought on “S.01 Ep.10: The Investigation

  1. This is about my cousin Tommy. This has torn are family apart for years. I did some research of my own over 18 years ago and Found a cold case in N.C. that was similar to the murder my cousin was convicted of in Ada, OK. I even got a copy of the article and had sent it to his attorney and asked him if the murder in Ada and the one in N.C. could have been done by the same person? Someone who was on the rodeo circuit and if he could check into it. I never got an answer from his attorney. We have never stopped praying for Tommy.

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