S.01 Ep.02: Search and Suspects

This week on Unraveled we discuss how the search for Denice continued. Caleb interviews investigator Lara Bricker (of the Crime Writers On… podcast) to talk about how an investigation should take place. We also discuss what took place in the investigation of Denice’s disappearance. Who do the police start looking at as suspects? Listen to find out.

Learn more about the case in Robert Mayer’s book Dreams of Ada.

1 thought on “S.01 Ep.02: Search and Suspects

  1. Love this podcast. But something in this episode is making me laugh. Calib and Nicole talk about the 80’s like it’s the Middle Ages. For example they say, I’m assuming in this day and age you could smoke indoors. While you could smoke in more public places than you can today, people didn’t normally smoke in stores or while working in a store. As an ancient specimen of 54 years, I just find it funny. But again, love the podcast 😘

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