Monthly Archives: September 2016

S.01 Ep.03: Zeroing In

As the search for Denice continues the police to all they can to locate her or anyone who may have had anything to do with her abduction. Sketches are used to narrow down possible suspects.

What happens to the search? Will the police find Denice? Who will they zero in on as the search continues?

Also, check out Episode 2 guest, Lara Bricker’s newest book, Lie After Lie.

S.01 Ep.02: Search and Suspects

This week on Unraveled we discuss how the search for Denice continued. Caleb interviews investigator Lara Bricker (of the Crime Writers On… podcast) to talk about how an investigation should take place. We also discuss what took place in the investigation of Denice’s disappearance. Who do the police start looking at as suspects? Listen to find out.

Learn more about the case in Robert Mayer’s book Dreams of Ada.

S.01 Ep.01: The Disappearance

Unraveled PodcastThis is the first episode of Unraveled, a podcast where every season we unravel a different case week by week. This is a true crime podcast looking at past crimes.

In season 1 we will look at the disappearance of Denice Lyons and the subsequent investigation and trials. Tune in now for the first episode of Unraveled.